Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today I was thinking: How much fun would it be to get packages full of fun stuff in the mail from people I don't know?! (Or do know, I'm not picky). What if they were bloggers just like me or even better - just an adoring fan?! AND then I could send them packages full of stuff too! Stuff that I think a person would love to have or would just be so exciting to receive in the mail. Like how exciting would it be to get a whole new outfit in the mail? Or a CD? Or a zine? What do you guys think? Does anyone want to be my PenPal?

Little Edie Beale: Style Icon

For my Communication Design class we got to make e-magazines for iPad. I made one about my style icon Little Edie Bouvier Beale. I wish there was a way to share it with you guys in its original form, but I'll do my best to modify it to share with you guys! There is a slideshow and an audio file which I can't figure out how to share with you guys. What do I do???

*You guys! I fixed it! I still want to put the audio up for you too, so just sit tight!

Okay, so I made this playlist but you need to have eight songs to publish it. I mostly just want you guys to check out the first two tracks to get into the Mood.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Teen Zine

My friend Ruthanna wrote this really amazing, really long article for me which was great! I got to photoshoot her the other day and after I had photoshot her I became so inspired to just turn her article into a zine. You guys know zines? They are underground publications that pretty much always look cool. I've been dying to make a zine. So I took her text and the photos that I shot and collaged it all into THIS! Check it out! If you click on the bottom corner of the picture the pages actually FLIP, you guys! Isn't this just the fanciest thing you've ever zine?! (I'm very excited. Don't be surprised if these start popping up more frequently.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Interview With Very Famous Saturday Night Live Writer, Paula Pell

        Paula Pell has been a head writer for Saturday Night Live for seventeen years and has also written for 30 Rock AND has also done some work on movies like Bridesmaids. You might also know her as Pete's wife, Paula, on 30 Rock. She also happens to own a wonderful horse named Verbena who lives in the barn where I worked! She was nice enough to give me this interview! Isn't this exciting you guys!

K: Hi! How are you? I'm so sorry this has taken me so long to send you these questions. By the way, I saw your interview on Rookie and it was so good!!!!

P: Thank you! I loved doing that. I love talking to younger girls because it’s too late now to give myself advice on some things. 

K: How did you get to be the Funny Lady you are today?

P: My parents and sister were always very funny and still keep me laughing. If you laugh in a family you can get through anything. Life is hard but also great and laughing is a good reminder of that. I was a huge ham when I was little. I was a good student but a big class clown too. I loved to make people laugh for as long as I can remember. Humor helped a lot when I moved to new schools twice in my childhood. When I made someone laugh I connected easier and faster with them. It’s like a magic wand.

K: How did you break into The Business?

P: I was always in theatre and wanted to be an actor professionally. I worked a lot of jobs (performing at theme parks, regional theatre, doing commercials, etc.) and everything was an important step towards where I ended up.

K: What did you study in school?

P: I studied theatre, music and art. I loved drawing and singing but I knew my heart was mostly in performance. I got my degree in theatre at University of Tennessee in 1986. I did do some writing too, but mostly for myself and pieces I was performing and some short stories. I never thought I would end up writing as a career but I am so glad it happened this way. I still perform sometimes and always will but it’s so amazing to write and create whole worlds of people and their stories that make people laugh and cry.

K: Were you really a musical theater goddess? What are the odds that we’ll see you on Broadway some day? What is your favorite musical? Were you in all of the musicals in high school?

P: I was most definitely not a goddess but I’ve always adored it. Being onstage harmonizing in a musical is pure heaven for me. When I rehearse a musical sketch I’ve written for SNL I get such an ache and wish I was up there singing too! I would love to do Broadway someday. I always played the character roles and now that I’m getting old enough to look the part maybe I’ll do it sometime! My favorite musical is probably Sweeney Todd (one of my dream roles is to play Mrs. Lovett) I love so many musicals.

K: What is like getting to be around people who are so funny and famous – like Tina Fey for example - and you, of course- all the time? Is it empowering or a little nerve wracking?

P: I’ve been at SNL for 17 years so most of the famous people came there as young eager unknowns. Watching their talent propel them to being so successful is very exciting to watch. They are still themselves and to me are friends and not famous people. Every so often I will be nervous to work with a host if I have always admired them (like Robert Deniro). It’s empowering to write something for a host you love and they score with it. It is one of the best things when you work at SNL. I’ve made many professional and personal connections with people who host and it’s really nice now, because I’m writing movies and I could write a script for them.

K:How do you come up with fresh material all the time? Your Twitter is stock full of gems. How do you keep firing those puppies off? 

P: I love writing on Twitter because it’s such quick little comedy morsels instead of a whole script, which can be intimidating. Too bad it doesn’t pay or I would do it every day in my PJ’s with my cats and dog on my lap! With sketches and longer movie scripts there is more prep and outlining, but with anything I write I just have to get in a mode of letting my mind flow freely and funny ideas will hopefully and eventually start coming out. So many ideas come from the world around me too. If I see or hear something/someone that makes me laugh it gets the brainstorm going. I love writing from a character perspective. I picture who that person is and then it’s easier to think of what they say and how they are funny.

(Check out her Twitter HERE. It's the best.) 

K: What do you think the odds are of Tina Fey reading your interview on my blog?

P: She is a super busy lady and is in the last month of doing 30 Rock but maybe I can slip a copy of it in her sandwich. ☺ That’s the best way to contact me also, put a note in my food. Just don’t let it stick to the cheese.

K: Do you have any inspiring advice for people trying to follow their dreams?

P: These are the biggies from my experience: 

-BE YOURSELF- the only way you’ll find success is to write/perform with your unique voice. No one can ever be you. 

-BE BRAVE- There are a lot of experiences in the arts that can feel crippling, because when you get rejected you can get in your head that they are personally rejecting you (everyone’s biggest fear) You have to be strong in those times and be able to shake it off and say “it wasn’t meant to be” and take what you’ve learned and keep moving. 

-BE PRODUCTIVE- If you write, write a lot, even if it isn’t good. Have others you trust read it and keep improving yourself. Whatever you want to do you must do it all the time and find classes to do it where you are being critiqued so you can see how it affects those who read it. That doesn’t mean you change things you love, it’s just important to become used to criticism and notes and open to making things better and better. In the professional world you will have to do that every day. There is no room for being defensive or having hurt feelings. 

-BE JOYFUL- Create from a place of joy. Start out writing about what you know and love and feel something about. That will fuel your creativity. Just like so many careers in the arts, writing can be very hard and you have to love it or it will be a hard road. Life is way too short to not do what you love and what makes you feel alive and happy. 

-EXPLORE- Look into the many corners of writing. You may find a specific form that you love so much. I am turning fifty in April and I just started writing movies this last two years. It’s so much fun to push myself into different forms of writing because it makes my world feel new and energizing. 

-DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS- This is a big thing with girls. The minute you start comparing yourself with who someone is and what they do, you focus on who you aren’t and what you don’t do. That’s when doubt comes in and you can’t find your voice. Stay with yourself. There is great stuff to find there!

K: Who or what do you find most inspiring?

P: I find anyone who knows how unique they are and keeps doing what they love to be inspiring. Careers in the creative arts are full of ‘no’s’ and that can take you down. When I see people get back up again and again and succeed it makes me feel good. I used to be a big people pleaser and I worried way too much about how I was affecting others. Now I am still a caring person, but I spend more time being honest with myself and the world about what I want and need, and it has paid off. There is a lot of hard work involved but when you succeed it’s a lot of fun and so worth it.
(I don’t mean money success either- although it’s important to make sure you can support yourself. I mean the success of doing something that makes you thrilled!)

Thank you Katherine for asking me to share my thoughts! Keep on blogging and writing girl!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

~ Katherine

Be sure to check out these killer videos too!!!

 Look! She's been on Parks and Rec!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


In just four days, this blog celebrates its one year ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it you guys?! I'm so glad to have you all here with me. I know the one year anniversary has to be HUGE. What should I do???

This song makes me think about countdowns. So uh ... here ya go.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fairy Tale Preview

I'm doing a new series based on characters from fairy tales. So far I've only done the Ugly Stepsisters. Here's a preview for you lucky ducks!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To My Friend, JBorg

This video has everything: a catchy tune and inspiring visuals.

I'm dedicating this ENTIRE post to my friend, JBare. SHOUTOUT! He always flatters me by liking all of the artwork I've made with his face.

Here are some archives for you:
Look! Here's JayBear starring in different classic movies!

It's Jaws! you guys!

Look! It's BOTH of us! Together!

Sorry. this one has been featured before. Ride 'em! Cowboy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

School Is Back In Session

Hey. Have I mentioned school is back in session? Look I'm thrilled. Honestly. I'm dying.
I've been saving these Opossum Pics for a special occasion. They may come back later.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time on my Hands

Feel free to use this as your screen background or screensaver or whatever your hearts desire. I know I am!
There is some pretty fancaaay schmancay equipment in here where I work. Look! I got to use a real live tablet to draw these pictures of katz!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jungle Explorers to the Maxxx

Here are just a few shots from a Jungle Explorer photoshoot starring my oldest friend Leah C.

There is nothing artsier than a triptych. Am I right?

Look! You can barely see her! (She's on that hunting platform).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leaf Me, Leaf Me, Please Leaf Me

Lia is back! I know you guys were so concerned. I've made a playlist for her blog (which you can check out HERE) so I might as well post it here too! It was supposed to be Autumn-themed. Then I forgot about that and just put some songs on there. I really should try to do a better job. So irresponsible.

Be sure to check out Lia's blog!!!
See you soon!

Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is It. Probably. Part Three

Thank you to NBK's very own sister for clicking the camera!!!!

All clothing is still from Kat's very own wardrobe.
NBK would probably like to make it VERY CLEAR that all cigarettes are for photoshooting only!! We are not hooligans in ANY way.

Aren't girl gangs fun? And inspiring. Our treehouse gang of two is so fashionable you guys. Duh.
This is the last post of this series. I promise. I'm pretty sure.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Girl Ganger, Party of Two Part Two

All clothing from Kat's Very Own Wardrobe

Here it is! Everything you've been waiting for! The inside of the clubhouse!!
(Look! It's NBK! (The guest blogger (who you loved))).
Look! I made this shirt all by myself! My mom says I should give it away but I think it's funny. So there, Mom!

Who knows!! Maybe more will be added TOMORROW!!! Check back, y'hear?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Girl Ganger, Party of One Please

You guys, I couldn't save this picture and now it has to be blurry! So sad!

This one too.

I was hoping that my hair would look just like Brigitte Bardot in these potatoes. Maybe it does. Maybe it's just the camera angle.

Check back tomorrow for Girl Ganger, Party of Two, Part Two. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So Professional

I did some so serious, professional photographs for my friend Juda. She needed her Awesome bridal fascinators photographed to sell here (you can see more of MY photographs by clicking on the link) and I was happy to step up to the plate. Just wanted to show everyone. That's all.

We have a very cool photoshoot planned and should be done Very Soon! Get excited and stay tuned!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stop All Your Worryin'

Hey Kids! After having a broken computer and having it sent away for repairs I'M BACK. Thank.God. I know you guys were worried sick.
AND I got THIS record yesterday which I've been pining over for quite awhile. Hunx is Just So Cool, you guys. And the guy in the record store was so nice and gave music suggestions. So check out Jack's Rhythms for all of your music needs. (That's how impressed I was.) 

Here are two PARTY albums for summer:


Too Young To Be In Love
Hunx and his Punx
2011 Hardly Art

This is perfect summer listening. "Lover's Lane" is so catchy (I even posted it HERE). Every song is so catchy and upbeat and So Cool. I love all of their music videos if you want to watch something quirky and stylish.

You can buy it HERE!!!!


Feed the Animals
2008 Illegal Art

I know everyone and their moms would choose this album but it doesn't stop me from putting it as my go-to party album. If you want to feel like one of the cool kids I highhly recommend this album for all of your partying and dancing needs.
You can buy it HERE!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Antoinette Perry Is In The House, Y'all

 In honor on The TONY Awards, which are on TONIGHT (It's the biggest night of the year. Duh. Hello?), I will review My Favorite Musical Of All Time Which Also Happens to be Nominated For a TONY Tonight: Follies.

Follies has everything a person (or at least I) could ever want in a musical: Sparkle!, Dazzle!, Ladies of a Certain Age!, Glamour! And behind the rich, haunting, most depressing story you'll ever watch is a BRILLIANT score by my All Time Idol, Stephen Sondheim.

Isn't he a CutiePatootie?
The score includes the beautiful love ballad, Losing My Mind, which was turned into a disco tune by Liza Minnelli. Does it get any better than this?

Follies is about retired showgirls coming back to their theater for a reunion party. Depression and Glitter ensues.

I've gotten to see a few versions of Follies including the current revival that is nominated tonight. It did not disappoint! Follies has never won a TONY award and I think it is time!!!!!!!!!!! Follies was the first musical that I was completely Obsessed with. My mom has heard me perform the entire thing too many times. In case you want to own this gem my favorite recorded version has to be the Papermill Playhouse recording. It is complete! Although the Original Broadway Cast has its perks too. Yvonne De Carlo, for example:

 The Original also has the kickassyest poster:

 Gotta Go! The TONYs are starting!!

Buy the Original HERE!!! Or the NEW cast HERE!!!! Or my Favorite version HERE!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Tonight I decided to try something new: being crafty. I made this collar! So edgy. 
Here's what I did. I cut out a collar shape from some blue fabric. Then I glued on all of these ethnic-shaped Googly Eyes that I found in my room. Done!
Then I put on my mom's velvet shirt from my last photoshoot again and layered over this dress that I bought at the Salvation Army ($2.99!!!). Then photoshot!

*Update: My Mom said this collar is Ghastly!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Braving the Wilderness

Hey Blog! We're going to try something new today, okay? Here's a so serious poem submitted by a very mysterious guest blogger, Nick C.!

Braving the Wilderness

Braving the wilderness
Thoughts of you warm my being
Glacial mountain peaks
Would give way to your love

The rigid spruce tree
Sentry of the open tundra
A lone moose traveling
I relate to such sentiment

Lost and desperate
I am inclined to return
But home does not exist
It has yet to be built

Adventurous spirit
All encompassing breeze and sun
Tell me how you long
Sing of your youthful yearning

Endless white plains
The land of eternal snow
Bless my body and mind
For the things I will endure

I envision a house
A barn and a garden
Your infinite locks
Draped over your shoulders

Pretty girl, oh lovely girl
The lady of the stables
The wild steed inside of me;
Before you is tamed

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just making a Masterpiece.
Photoshoot today! If you want to recreate this outfit you simply take a prom dress, then layer your mom's velvet shirt over that, and then layer a see-through lace crop top over everything. Gravy on the cake.

Big News

This is HUGE

I just wanted to let everyone know that Lia has posted an interview with ME on her blog!!! So exciting!!!
Check it out you guys! (It's about ME!!!!!!):
Gossip Gonzesse (Look! It's a LINK!)
Things are HAPPENING!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Blogger: Lia: A Retrospective

Do you guys know how hard it is to do anything in Paint? Blarg.
Hey Guys!!
Big news! It's happening. This blog is blowing up. We have our very first guest blogger! She'll posting her first post soon. In the meantime she did this interview with me and I'm posting it NOW to build the EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION. Is it working??

Full name: Aurelia Bode, short Lia
Where do you live? What is an interesting fact about where you live? What is your favorite hangout spot?: Melbourne, Australia. I'm originally from Germany, but spent about 5 months last year in Bolivia where I first wanted to settle down.. long story short, I planned to move to my dad, (who lives in Bolivia) but then decided to go with my then boyfriend to Australia. I really enjoy living in Melbourne as I lived in a small town most of my life! (I am almost 17) Hang out spots: I quite like Fitzroy, little cafes on Smith Street and little independent boutiques on Brunswick Street. I'm a window-shopper and I love thrift stores.

Hobbies: Well, I started playing the guitar, I really like to surprise my boyfriend with things I cook/ try to cook! Lately I have been organizing a meet-up group for girls that are new to the city.

What I do: I skipped school and now have several jobs, including babysitting, dish washing and working in a shopping centre, where I give people brochures about getting solar systems and talk them into being environmental. I never planned to do these jobs, originally I wanted to study fabric design! But I am happy with my life and it's never too late to study :) My plan for the future is to have a 'creative' job, like in a radio station or an independent magazine.

Who is most inspiring to you?  There are a few books I read as a kid that are still inspiring me, mostly Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat and Blake Nelson's Girl! I love the vibe of the book. (Oh, and one of the reasons I use Lia as my name instead of Aurelia is actually that she is one of my favorite authors!) websites like, Tavi's Blog ( and Rookie ( and are inspirations for my style. The biggest inspiration is probably the vibe of places I go to or people I meet that are just doing their own thing :)

Favourite music: The Beatles! Neon Indian, MGMT, Tame Impala, Animal Collective, Gold Panda generally bands that sound psychedelic... I quite like Lana Del Rey and some other 'mainstream' music, oldies you can dance to, the Beach boys etc.

Why and when I started blogging: It's almost exactly one year ago. My mother died and I did spend hours online, reading other peoples blogs, listening to music and writing stuff to work out how I felt about everything. Then, I was like, why not start a blog? I started take photos of things I found interesting and first wrote about normal school/ life stuff (which I still do :)) Yeah, also it's an easy way to show my friends in Germany- and the rest of the world- what I'm up to. My blog is not very popular, but I enjoy to have it, anyway ^_^
(*You guys can check out her awesome blog here:

Top Ten:
1. Rookie
2. Pancakes with Nutella

3. Savers/ other secondhandshops
4. Everything with hello kitty (secret obsession)
5. My boyfriend <3
6. The Mighty Boosh (British tv series that I quote at least once a day)

7. Autobiographies of people like Doris Lessing
8. Libraries! I love going to the library dressed like a schoolgirl
and read old editions of National Geographics
9. Vogue magazine

10. All my favourite bands! Music that relaxes me :)

Are you guys excited?!! Me too!!!
P.S. Check out her blog!! Seriously.