Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stop All Your Worryin'

Hey Kids! After having a broken computer and having it sent away for repairs I'M BACK. Thank.God. I know you guys were worried sick.
AND I got THIS record yesterday which I've been pining over for quite awhile. Hunx is Just So Cool, you guys. And the guy in the record store was so nice and gave music suggestions. So check out Jack's Rhythms for all of your music needs. (That's how impressed I was.) 

Here are two PARTY albums for summer:


Too Young To Be In Love
Hunx and his Punx
2011 Hardly Art

This is perfect summer listening. "Lover's Lane" is so catchy (I even posted it HERE). Every song is so catchy and upbeat and So Cool. I love all of their music videos if you want to watch something quirky and stylish.

You can buy it HERE!!!!


Feed the Animals
2008 Illegal Art

I know everyone and their moms would choose this album but it doesn't stop me from putting it as my go-to party album. If you want to feel like one of the cool kids I highhly recommend this album for all of your partying and dancing needs.
You can buy it HERE!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Antoinette Perry Is In The House, Y'all

 In honor on The TONY Awards, which are on TONIGHT (It's the biggest night of the year. Duh. Hello?), I will review My Favorite Musical Of All Time Which Also Happens to be Nominated For a TONY Tonight: Follies.

Follies has everything a person (or at least I) could ever want in a musical: Sparkle!, Dazzle!, Ladies of a Certain Age!, Glamour! And behind the rich, haunting, most depressing story you'll ever watch is a BRILLIANT score by my All Time Idol, Stephen Sondheim.

Isn't he a CutiePatootie?
The score includes the beautiful love ballad, Losing My Mind, which was turned into a disco tune by Liza Minnelli. Does it get any better than this?

Follies is about retired showgirls coming back to their theater for a reunion party. Depression and Glitter ensues.

I've gotten to see a few versions of Follies including the current revival that is nominated tonight. It did not disappoint! Follies has never won a TONY award and I think it is time!!!!!!!!!!! Follies was the first musical that I was completely Obsessed with. My mom has heard me perform the entire thing too many times. In case you want to own this gem my favorite recorded version has to be the Papermill Playhouse recording. It is complete! Although the Original Broadway Cast has its perks too. Yvonne De Carlo, for example:

 The Original also has the kickassyest poster:

 Gotta Go! The TONYs are starting!!

Buy the Original HERE!!! Or the NEW cast HERE!!!! Or my Favorite version HERE!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Tonight I decided to try something new: being crafty. I made this collar! So edgy. 
Here's what I did. I cut out a collar shape from some blue fabric. Then I glued on all of these ethnic-shaped Googly Eyes that I found in my room. Done!
Then I put on my mom's velvet shirt from my last photoshoot again and layered over this dress that I bought at the Salvation Army ($2.99!!!). Then photoshot!

*Update: My Mom said this collar is Ghastly!!!!