Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Braving the Wilderness

Hey Blog! We're going to try something new today, okay? Here's a so serious poem submitted by a very mysterious guest blogger, Nick C.!

Braving the Wilderness

Braving the wilderness
Thoughts of you warm my being
Glacial mountain peaks
Would give way to your love

The rigid spruce tree
Sentry of the open tundra
A lone moose traveling
I relate to such sentiment

Lost and desperate
I am inclined to return
But home does not exist
It has yet to be built

Adventurous spirit
All encompassing breeze and sun
Tell me how you long
Sing of your youthful yearning

Endless white plains
The land of eternal snow
Bless my body and mind
For the things I will endure

I envision a house
A barn and a garden
Your infinite locks
Draped over your shoulders

Pretty girl, oh lovely girl
The lady of the stables
The wild steed inside of me;
Before you is tamed

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just making a Masterpiece.
Photoshoot today! If you want to recreate this outfit you simply take a prom dress, then layer your mom's velvet shirt over that, and then layer a see-through lace crop top over everything. Gravy on the cake.

Big News

This is HUGE

I just wanted to let everyone know that Lia has posted an interview with ME on her blog!!! So exciting!!!
Check it out you guys! (It's about ME!!!!!!):
Gossip Gonzesse (Look! It's a LINK!)
Things are HAPPENING!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Blogger: Lia: A Retrospective

Do you guys know how hard it is to do anything in Paint? Blarg.
Hey Guys!!
Big news! It's happening. This blog is blowing up. We have our very first guest blogger! She'll posting her first post soon. In the meantime she did this interview with me and I'm posting it NOW to build the EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION. Is it working??

Full name: Aurelia Bode, short Lia
Where do you live? What is an interesting fact about where you live? What is your favorite hangout spot?: Melbourne, Australia. I'm originally from Germany, but spent about 5 months last year in Bolivia where I first wanted to settle down.. long story short, I planned to move to my dad, (who lives in Bolivia) but then decided to go with my then boyfriend to Australia. I really enjoy living in Melbourne as I lived in a small town most of my life! (I am almost 17) Hang out spots: I quite like Fitzroy, little cafes on Smith Street and little independent boutiques on Brunswick Street. I'm a window-shopper and I love thrift stores.

Hobbies: Well, I started playing the guitar, I really like to surprise my boyfriend with things I cook/ try to cook! Lately I have been organizing a meet-up group for girls that are new to the city.

What I do: I skipped school and now have several jobs, including babysitting, dish washing and working in a shopping centre, where I give people brochures about getting solar systems and talk them into being environmental. I never planned to do these jobs, originally I wanted to study fabric design! But I am happy with my life and it's never too late to study :) My plan for the future is to have a 'creative' job, like in a radio station or an independent magazine.

Who is most inspiring to you?  There are a few books I read as a kid that are still inspiring me, mostly Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat and Blake Nelson's Girl! I love the vibe of the book. (Oh, and one of the reasons I use Lia as my name instead of Aurelia is actually that she is one of my favorite authors!) websites like, Tavi's Blog ( and Rookie ( and are inspirations for my style. The biggest inspiration is probably the vibe of places I go to or people I meet that are just doing their own thing :)

Favourite music: The Beatles! Neon Indian, MGMT, Tame Impala, Animal Collective, Gold Panda generally bands that sound psychedelic... I quite like Lana Del Rey and some other 'mainstream' music, oldies you can dance to, the Beach boys etc.

Why and when I started blogging: It's almost exactly one year ago. My mother died and I did spend hours online, reading other peoples blogs, listening to music and writing stuff to work out how I felt about everything. Then, I was like, why not start a blog? I started take photos of things I found interesting and first wrote about normal school/ life stuff (which I still do :)) Yeah, also it's an easy way to show my friends in Germany- and the rest of the world- what I'm up to. My blog is not very popular, but I enjoy to have it, anyway ^_^
(*You guys can check out her awesome blog here:

Top Ten:
1. Rookie
2. Pancakes with Nutella

3. Savers/ other secondhandshops
4. Everything with hello kitty (secret obsession)
5. My boyfriend <3
6. The Mighty Boosh (British tv series that I quote at least once a day)

7. Autobiographies of people like Doris Lessing
8. Libraries! I love going to the library dressed like a schoolgirl
and read old editions of National Geographics
9. Vogue magazine

10. All my favourite bands! Music that relaxes me :)

Are you guys excited?!! Me too!!!
P.S. Check out her blog!! Seriously.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Comfort Food

Do you guys have albums that you can listen to over and over and are comforting every.single.time you listen to them? I have several that I tend to listen to on repeat for weeks and weeks. Most of them are oldiesbutgoodies, I guess.
Here are some of mine:

Carole King
1971, A&M Records

This is the one I've been stuck on for weeks now. Every song is so comforting and sticks in your head. Even the album cover is so comforting. Cats! It's Too Late is one of my go-to shower songs. Is that too much information?

Buy Here

Peter, Paul and Mary
Peter, Paul and Mary
1962, Warner Bros.

This one might have to do with this being the album of my childhood. Maybe it's just the folksy-goodness of every single song on this album. Mary Travers voice - I mean, come on.

Buy Here

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Simon and Garfunkel
1970, Columbia Records 

There was a time in my life where I thought it was uncool to listen to Simon and Garfunkel. Sometimes you just need them, you know? You can never go wrong with their "Best of" album, if you just want to get all of their hits in one shot.

Joni Mitchell
1971, A&M Studios

Big Yellow Taxi. That is all. Buy Blue  


Anything Arthur Russell.

What are your go-to albums?
Let me know!

This post is dedicated to my dog, Jack.


I'm trying not to make this too sentimental.  I'll just say that he was a really good dog and my best friend.