Friday, December 27, 2013


Isn't this a downer as a picture for New Year's?

It's almost the New Year, kids! Are any of you into resolutions and all that? I'm usually not, but maybe that's why I am not a billionaire or supermodel yet. Maybe not making resolutions is what has been holding me back this whole time, you know? What are some of your resolutions?

Not keeping up with this here blog makes me feel mighty guilty - it's been weighing on me big time, so I'm going to kick-it-up and really put an effort into bringing you great readers new content. I'm also going to try my hardest to become a super successful supermodel, business icon - someone that people will be jealous of and look up to for inspiration - is that too much responsibility for one resolution? I don't know how these things work! Ok, one more. I'll also try not to post cliched paragraphs on this website; for example, a post about resolutions before New Year's. I mean we've all read these things before, right?

Anyway, HAPPY 2014!!! I hope all of your resolutions come true and feel free to post any tips on resolutions or New Year's or even your New Year's outfits. I'm just very curious. Great, thanks.

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